About Us

Little Hen Supplies Farm

Welcome to Little Hen Supplies.

We are a small family business, run by husband and wife team, Kate and Jesse. Our journey with Little Hen Supplies started with a desire to help chicken keepers raise healthy and happy chickens, while we work towards having our own smallholding—what we call a homestead in the UK.

Kate’s family have been raising chickens since 1935. Her Great-grandmother raised chickens during the war, her Grandmother and Grandfather had a chicken and turkey farm during the 70’s, and her family kept chickens on their smallholding while she was growing up.

Each and every one of our products is tested and approved by one of our team, before they reach your garden and chickens. Our goal is to make simple yet practical products that make raising chickens easier and more enjoyable.

Meet Our Team of Authors

Amy Robinson

Little Hen Supplies Author Amy Robinson

My name is Amy Robinson and I live in Devon with my husband, 8 cats and 17 chickens.

I have a range of breeds of chicken from the excitable ex-commercial hen to the gentle-giant Brahma.

I have hatched chicks, bought point of lays, taken on roosters and rehomed ex-commercial hens. I am also a registered veterinary nurse, and love discussing anything chicken, with my fellow chicken owners at work.

Since becoming a chicken owner in 2017, I have read, researched and attended many courses on chicken health and husbandry, and am passionate about improving the health and welfare of chickens, especially as chickens are becoming a popular pet in the UK.

I also ran 2 marathons for the British Hen Welfare Trust, helping raise money to rehome hens!

Cathy Ashwin

Little Hen Supplies Author Cathy Ashwin

Animals and particularly poultry have been part of my life since childhood and something I have never tired of. I am fortunate to live on an eight-acre smallholding and so have plenty of space to keep all my animals.

Besides keeping livestock as a hobby my main occupation is as a midwife and having worked in many different areas am now working as a freelance consultant and writer. I am passionate about the whole process of birth, supporting women through pregnancy and teaching student midwives the knowledge and skills to become the midwives of the future. For the last six years I have been head and editor of a prestigious midwifery journal which is a research-based publication.

Incubating and hatching eggs is an extension of my fascination with birth and am still in awe of the miracle of the development from egg to chick. Currently my interest lies in breeding Opal Legbar chickens which are extremely rare in the UK. I believe I was the first person to successfully hatch some from eggs imported from Germany just before Brexit.

I am also building up my own strain through crossing Isabella Leghorns with Cream Legbars. This is still a work in progress with lots still to learn.

Deanna Harding

Little Hen Supplies Author Deanna Harding

A gardener, sun seeker and animal lover living the ‘good life’ in my suburban home in Essex where I keep a small flock of hens – also home to a pet lizard named Gladiator and a blind hedgehog called Tilly!

My outdoor space is small but mighty, it’s the home of my 4 pekin bantam hens; Summer, Daisy, Belle & Henrietta alongside an abundance of wildlife. It’s my garden of Eden, where I grow a variety of flowers and crops for harvesting throughout the year.

I am passionate about nurturing nature and strive to be more eco-friendly. At times I find myself to be poetic, which inspires me to writing about special snippets from my day whether that be a cuppa in the sunshine or a sighting of a blue tit on the office window box.

I love finding the small joys in every day life.

Georgie Fuller

Little Hen Supplies Author Georgie Fuller

Me? I’m just a country girl, living in a pretty rural location, keeping chickens, ducks & geese.

They are far more demanding than I am, mostly. I’ve been around poultry & waterfowl pretty much all my life, keeping all sorts of breeds. I know what makes my flock tick.

From nursing poorly ex battery hens to letting a persistently broody Pekin hatch a few eggs, rescuing dumped and unwanted geese and ducks to knowing when is the right time to let them go, I’ve been there and will keep being there.

I love how they all come running to see me when I get in, it’s mostly for food but I tell myself they have missed me!

Liz Pinfield-Wells

Little Hen Supplies Author Liz Pinfield-Wells

I have been keeping chickens in my back garden since 2009 and my current flock is a mix of bantams, pure breeds and ex-battery hens. In 2017 I began breeding quails and over the years we have also had fun hatching ducks.

I live in Telford with my three children, five cats, a dog and very patient husband.

I worked as a local journalist for 20 years, as a reporter and lastly as a weekly title editor, before making a career change when my youngest son was born in 2018. This enabled me to work from home – and spend more time with my chickens.

I also provide one-to-one support for adults with learning disabilities and, in my spare time, I run a community recycling group.

I love gardening, animals and being outdoors.

If you would like to know more about us then feel free to contact us.